The PD catheter is the life-line of patients requiring chronic peritoneal dialysis treatment. Outcomes of PD are as good as a catheter is functional.

Consequently, experience and expertise in PD catheter insertion are key requirements in a successful PD program.

Studies have demonstrated that nephrologist-led PD catheter insertion programs have resulted in better outcomes, similar complication rates, higher utilization of peritoneal dialysis, planned initiation of dialysis and lower need for interim hemodialysis.


The PD catheter insertion workshop aims to equip nephrologists with the necessary skills and confidence to insert the PD catheter within their unit.

This workshop will provide the necessary knowledge through both engaging lectures and faculty-led discussions, as well as hands-on guidance from skilled and experienced instructors using task-trainers.

Acquiring this set of skills will be especially important for low resource countries where surgical insertion is either not available or poorly inaccessible.

We invite the following individuals to sign up for this inaugural PD catheter insertion workshop at the ISPD 2022 Congress in Singapore:

  1. PD programs where PD catheter insertion is delayed and bottleneck for PD initiation.
  2. Strong support from unit management to start a PD catheter insertion program.
  3. Dedicated nephrologist and nurses to support the PD catheter insertion program.
  4. Reduced access to surgeons for inserting PD catheters.
  5. PD programs with at least 20 PD patients.

Date: Thursday 11th August 2022

Time: 08:30-16:00

Price: $330 (SGD) 

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As spaces are limited, please provide a short write-up on why this program will be suitable for you. Please email

We will inform you of the outcome of your workshop application once all the applications have been reviewed by the steering committee.

We look forward to seeing you at the ISPD 2022 Congress in Singapore in August 2022!