Covid-19 Guidance

Singapore is reopening its borders in a controlled and safe manner to maintain its status as an international hub.

Travellers approved for entry should refer to the specific requirements and process for the respective Safe Travel lanes they are entering Singapore on. These health control requirements would also be stated as conditions of entry approval where relevant.

To minimise the public health risks associated with the border reopening, travellers arriving in Singapore may be required to observe the relevant health control measures including COVID-19 tests, isolation and segregation measures.

Entry Criteria and Travel Checklists

If you are fully vaccinated with a WHO EUL vaccine you can enter Singapore very easily.

Being fully vaccinated with a WHO EUL vaccine means:

  • No quarantine on entry
  • No testing on entry
  • No entry approvals

For more detailed information, please refer to the official website of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore.

When in Singapore

We are very pleased to announce that even once you have arrived in Singapore, life is returning to normal!

  • No limit on group sizes
  • Masks are encouraged outdoors, but required indoors
  • No requirement for safe distancing between individuals and groups
  • No masks required for speakers or performers on stage
  • Museums, cinemas, places of worship, attractions and live performances all open!

Even as we resume our transition towards living with COVID-19, we need to do so in a careful and controlled manner. The Singapore Ministry of Health seek everyone’s cooperation to. For the most up to date guidance on living with Covid-19 in Singapore please click here to visit the Singapore Ministry of Health’s official website.

Feeling unwell in Singapore

If you’re not feeling well, please visit a Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC) immediately. You should commute to the clinic using private hire cars or taxis, but not public transport. Some clinics in Singapore, including the Raffles Medical Group (+65 6311 1222), offer round-the-clock COVID-19 tests and treatment.