Singapore is reopening its borders in a controlled and safe manner to maintain its status as an international hub.

Travellers approved for entry should refer to the specific requirements and process for the respective Safe Travel lanes they are entering Singapore on. These health control requirements would also be stated as conditions of entry approval where relevant.

To minimise the public health risks associated with the border reopening, travellers arriving in Singapore may be required to observe the relevant health control measures including COVID-19 tests, isolation and segregation measures.

For detailed information, please refer to the official website of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore.

Before You Arrive

All short-term visitors entering Singapore under the Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) or Air Travel Pass (ATP) travel arrangements are required to have travel insurance coverage prior to travelling to Singapore. The insurance plan should provide at least S$30,000 worth of coverage for COVID-19-related hospitalisation and medical expenses. For more information, please visit the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority’s SafeTravel website.

Visitors should monitor their health and should not travel to Singapore if they:

  1. Have symptoms of COVID-19;
  2. Are diagnosed or suspected to have COVID-19 infection in the last 21 days before departing for Singapore; or
  3. Had close contact with any person with COVID-19 in the last 14 days before departing for Singapore. Close contact means:
    • Providing care for a COVID-19 patient, including in healthcare or family/social setting;
    • Staying in the same place as a person with COVID-19 (e.g. household members); or
    • Close (i.e. less than 2 metres) and prolonged contact (15 minutes or more) with a person with COVID-19 (e.g. shared a meal)



To reduce the risk of transmission while on the move in Singapore, we have precautionary measures that you can take. Here are some helpful tips to protect yourself and others around you.

  1. Always wear a mask in public areas except when dining or exercising.
  2. Maintain at least one metre apart at all times.
  3. Travel and interact in a group size no larger than 5 people, with effect from 10 August 2021
  4. Complete your SafeEntry check-in via the TraceTogether app before entering restaurants, shopping malls and stores. You can download the app on the App Store or Google Play. Click here for more info on TraceTogether app.
  5. Temperature checks are implemented before entering restaurants, shopping malls and stores.

Feeling unwell in Singapore

If you’re not feeling well, please visit a Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC) immediately. You should commute to the clinic using private hire cars or taxis, but not public transport. Some clinics in Singapore, including the Raffles Medical Group (+65 6311 1222), offer round-the-clock COVID-19 tests and treatment.


For the latest updates and informatio, please refer to the official website of the Ministry of Health, Singapore.